A bit ahead of the game

Are you looking for a way to invest in bitcoins, every single day, on auto-pilot? Today I am looking at a new service that allows you to do exactly that. Let us take a closer look at CoinBits.

Round up your charge - Invest it in Bitcoin

The go-to app that lets you, the investor set the pace. Isn’t that what investing should look like? No confusing investment stats or confusing exchanges. Imagine paying for dinner at your favorite restaurant, and then automatically depositing your residual change from your purchases into your account – in bitcoin. If you frequently dine out, or shop, imagine how all your savings can add up.

It’s a hassle-free investment app that’s ideal for first-time bitcoin investors. It’s great for college students, and it’s well balanced for seasoned investors. This simple technological tool allows you to download your investment records, link your credit or debit card, and gain pertinent experience in the world of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, this app will not charge you a commission, and it’s stored in part offline, for your privacy.

Start investing in crypto's - automatically

If you are ready to dive into the market, then coinbit may be an opportunity for you to get in the game allowing you to slowly and safely grow your btc account, and begin trading online.

At this point, CoinBits is only available to clients in US (unfortunately), so I have not been able to test this app just yet. They should however, be launching this app around the world in the nearest future, so once available here, I will make sure to give this a go.