With the recent post on mudrex, this feels like a natural follow-up, as there are some similarities between the two – mudrex and a new charting and trading platform named SuperOrder

While SuperOrder is a complete trading platform with all the typical features such as trading orders (including take profit and stop loss orders, trailing stops, etc.), it also comes with a couple of innovative aspects to make it stand out from the crowd; hidden orders (pending orders that reside on the platform until the target price is reached), and automation. 

The automation part is interesting and seemingly somewhat similar to that of mudrex. Note that I have not personally tested this, so I am solely basing this on information from their website. 

As this is still in the early days for SuperOrder, I assume we will see more development going into the automation part, going forward. For now, this seems to an advanced tool to build complex orders, but not specifically a tool to build full-blown trading strategies.

what makes superorder different?

One really neat feature on SuperOrder is the ability to add multiple coin pairs and exchanges to the single strategy. Thus, Superorder lets you sell the entire portfolio in a moment when the market will start crashing.

Another option in the strategy builder is the and/or fork.

... Forks. They are tools which can split a trading strategy into two parts.

Moreover, the builder supports Forks inside Forks, so it’s possible to create advanced plans with multiple paths. Using our terminal, you have two options:

AND Fork and OR Fork

AND Fork - The first feature divides your strategy into two branches which will work simultaneously. In other words, you can insert this Fork and the system will execute all existing orders in both sections.

Here’s a quick example. For instance, you focus on BTC/USDT pair, already have bought some Bitcoins and want to buy also Ripple and EOS. Now, to diversify the trading plan, you insert AND Fork:

Wait for Rate + Market Buy. 50% of the purchased Bitcoins go this way. Superorder will wait for the chosen XRP rate and then place Buy order. Buy Trailing Stop. Another half of your BTC funds moves here to follow the falling price of EOS and get coins for the best possible rate.

Both parts are valid and will be executed independently so you will get both XRP and EOS. Surely, you can replace orders from the example with other types, it’s all up to you.


A strategy is built using a drag and drop interface, thereby making it easy for the new users to follow along.  You can find an example of a trading strategy here

As you can see, this is more of a complex order setup, and not a trading strategy in the common way, traders tends to think of a strategy (IE. there is no technical indicators involved here like a MA crossover, Divergence, pivot levels, etc.). But as mentioned above, this might be in the pipeline, as this is still early days for SuperOrder.

I am definitely excited to see where this is going. For now, this does look like an interesting alternative to say Coinigy. If you are looking for a way to execute your crypto trades, and prefer something more advanced than say the binance exchange, you may want to give this a go.