This is the beginning of my personal trade journal. This is the first update with actual trades listed. I will post more information about this format, in one of the upcoming days. 

Trade 1: Short BTCUSD (open from yesterday)

I had an open trade from yesterday, with an entry at 8994.5. When I got up, the trade was around 80$ in profit. Stop loss was moved to 8993, making it a risk-free trade, in the sense that the max loss on this trade will be the floating profit. Around noon, BTC had quite the push to the upside, and the trade got closed out at the mentioned stop loss level. 

Result: Breakeven

Mistakes: I should have taken profit once the trendline was broken. It hovered above it for quite a while, allowing me to at least take some profit. 

Trade 2: Short BTCUSD @ 9113.5

Short on BTCUSD based on a break of latest significant swig high. 

BTC had quite a spike to the upside, going from around 8960 and up to 9210. I executed a short trade @9113.5 with a stop loss at 9240. While this trade is executed according to one of my strategies, the trendline break is a bullish signal. Its getting late now, and the trade is currently open with a floating loss of some $20. I will let the trade stay open and see the score when I get up tomorrow morning.

Result: Still open


Overall, quite a boring day. While BTC had a good run to the upside, I didnt manage to trade it very well. The open trade I had this morning should have been closed at the break of the trendline. A long trade should have been executed after the break. The final trade is still open, so we will see where that takes us.