I have not been trading actively for the last couple of days, as I have been busy playing around with the market god indicator. I am still doing a lot of testing, but I am now reasonably close to a strategy for the 4-hour timeframe with market god, but more on that later. If you want to know more about the indicator, you can read my full review here

Today has been a pretty good day, trading wise. I have executed two trades, and the final one is still open. They have been executed according to my strategy (which I also continue to work on – I am currently writing a blog post about it, so come back soon if you want to know more, or send me an email if you want to know more; hello @ moneyminds dot net). Lets get right to it.

Trade 1: Long BTCUSD @ 9,279.5

BTCUSD was slowly trend down throughout the morning, and finally broker a significant swing low point.

After this, it moved up and broke the descending trendline as seen in the image above. After it closed above the trendline, I executed a long trade (market order), with a stop close to the recent swing low, and a profit target around the measured move (which is also highlighted in the image above).

It took a while to play out, but it did eventually and I took profit after the spike crossed above the high from the inception of the descending trendline.

Mistakes: Nothing much. 

Result: 70.05 USD

Commission: -7 USD

Net result: 63.05 USD

Trade 2: Short BTCUSD @ 9,382.5

Second trade of the day. This trade is, as mentioned above, still open. When BTC moved above the recent significant swing point, I waited for the candle to close, and then I executed a short trade. The trade immediately moved in my direction, but we did see a bit of rangebound price action for a couple of hours. The price eventually started to move in my direction, and the trade is currently open with a floating profit of some $46. There no real way to pinpoint a measured move for this setup, so I am currently hoping the price will continue down to break the recent swing low points, and this area will be my take profit level (highlighted in the image above).

Mistakes: Nothing much. 

Result: floating

Commission: -7 USD

Net result: floating

While it is too early to conclude anything for the day, I think its safe to say this so far, has been a good day. There is nothing better than trading according to my strategy, and have them work out somewhat as expected.

It is always possible to have bad luck with good trades, and to be lucky with bad trades. Being lucky with good trades, is good for the balance and the mind.

I know some of you might question the traded amounts listed. I am well aware they are tiny. But keep in mind my “strategy” is far from complete, so this is intentional. I dont want to test this on a demo account, as I simply cannot keep the motivation with that type of trading. This way, there is enough at stake, for me to take it serious, but its nothing that will break the bank.

In the weekend I will be writing on my post about the strategy I am working on.

I am always interested in connecting with fellow traders. If you got anything on your mind, feel free to reach out (email listed above) or drop a comment below.

Thanks for reading.