As we are getting closer to the end of 2018, I am finally starting a new journey with this site. I have had the domain for a while now but didn’t manage to get started on it, before the final quarter of 2018.

I have been interested in the crypto space for years, and my plan has been to cover that very topic, one way or another, here on

I have spent quite a while brainstorming what kind of angle I like to cover, as the cryptocurrency industry in general, is covered immensely in various ways. Starting a normal blog covering general news in the cryptocurrency industry would be a tough challenge, as competition is fierce.

I finally decided to focus on other peoples predictions on various cryptocurrencies. There are lots of other sites covering this very topic, but I am yet to find any pages solely devoted to this. There is no end to the number of people trying to predict where the price of certain crypto coins will be at some point in the future. Individuals from all around the world, share their thoughts on this, every single day.

I find this area both compelling and repulsive.

I am fascinated with accurate predictions such as those shared by Davincij15, Charlie Lee’s timing when selling his litecoin holding, etc.

At the same time, I am irked by the immense amount of say YouTuber’s who are busy forecasting the future on various crypto coins; they gladly congratulate themselves when they occasionally hit a home run, while neglecting all the inaccurate price predictions.

I am yet to watch a youtube video with a crypto coin analysis, without the common intro that begins with the following “this is not financial advice” when in fact, that seems to be exactly what is offered. While this may be a legal requirement in order to post such videos, it seems like nothing but a sad attempt to avoid accountability, should the “financial advice” result in a bad trade.

There are a lot of topics to cover and correct in this sub-niche of the crypto sphere. Maybe, this site can help to do just that. For the time being, my focus will be on adding more predictions here, as they get posted around the web.